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Ride Tough Hi-vis vests

30 GBP


These hi-vis vests mean that no-one will ever hoot at you, honk at you or give you any shit. 
Look real tough with a Belgian Steel hi-vis vest. 

Available either - Beirut Kickboxing Club & Manchester Karate Congress. - More coming soon.

Our passion comes from passion

We ride. We know what it means to ride under the rain, under the sun, to go up, to come flying down, to glide. When we choose our bikes, we're looking for something that's going to give those feelings to those who purchase them.

Style & Quality

Original european steel bikes, bought in barn finds, or from village markets. Lovingly restored to today's standards and then carried over the sea to bring pleasure on a weekend century or get you to work in the battle of the rush hour roads.  

" Cycling is a good school for life. It makes you hard and gives you ambition, but you can never say you've arrived." Eddy Merckx


100% Original

With a curated selection, we're only looking for quality. Our bikes come serviced, and prepared for their new lives. Ready to take on whatever you want to throw at them.

We can also help you source rarer bikes, and organise the shipping to the UK or wherever suits you best.

You're more than welcome to come and try our bikes out before you purchase, so don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll find somewhere nice to take our beautiful rides for a spin.

We operate both in East & West London, so we can arrange for the bike to be wherever you need it.

We're constantly looking to source new bikes, so if you have a good European steelframe bike, get in touch and we'll have a look at it.